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영국 이웅/엘리나 선교사 (7/23/2020)

Grace to you Korean Central Presbyterian Church and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Elena and I hope and trust that your family is safe and healthy.

Please let us know how we can pray for you as we all face various challenges in our lives.

May we not let this opportunity pass to unite in prayer.

Since my last letter to you, a lot has happened. Our church's daily devotions and prayer gatherings continued and took on the call to enter into prayer against racial injustice upon George Floyd’s murder.
We’ve committed to continue steadily discussing racial injustice, both in the church and in the community that we seek to serve and minister to.
Through these in-house discussions, past wounds were revisited, and hurts within our church were also shared. They were hard to hear, shocking at times, but it was encouraging to see brothers and sisters in Christ taking hold of courage to voice these afflictions out of love. 
My hope is that we, as a church, press on by revisiting this topic to open each others’ eyes to racial discrimination for the advancement of the gospel.
This issue will not go away anytime soon and so we’re resisting the temptation to tackle it with one giant swing of the sword. Rather, we’ve decided to approach it as a marathon, lest it becomes a stale topic of discussion.

Through this time, the church has also been significantly digitalized with sermons and devotions being uploaded onto our website.

Our social media platforms have been more active.

This season of lockdown has also opened up more opportunities to keep in touch with members of our church and I've been humbled at the way God has united us in a time that would normally lead us to drift apart.

It’s been challenging in many ways to be locked down. By God’s grace, Elena and I have seen much of our brokenness and the unhealthy patterns of living and working in the busyness of London.

It has truly been a blessed time to reflect and cast a vision on how we want to glorify God within our marriage and through our marriage.

With this in mind, please pray for us to be more rooted in God’s Word.

While God has led us to be stirred up in love within New City Church, God has been on the move in those that took refuge in New City Church for seasons in the past as well.


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이 웅 2


이웅 1

Recently, Elena had undergone surgery for a minor operation,

an operation that was due to happen in April but was postponed due to the pandemic.

She is recovering well and is moving about more freely every day. Please pray for her continued recovery.



We've been honoured and privileged to have Pastor Allen Nabors,

who is the coordinator of MNA. For the past few months,

he's helped us greatly by regularly taking on preaching slots so that the lay leaders could take a breather,

but also mentoring and sharpening us in our call to preach.


이웅 3

Please pray with me as I continue to study,

pursue ordination for the equipping of pastoral ministry.

It is a mentally challenging time, and I'm sure it'll be financially challenging as well in the future.

Pray for perseverance and the courage to hope.


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