James Cha (12/26/2018)

Merry Christmas from Bethel Haven
Merry Christmas James Cha Family 2018
Dear Family in Christ,
How wonderful, how marvelous is His love for us, that He would give us the Greatest gift for all
mankind….Baby Jesus, God’s own Son!
With fullness of joy and Thanksgiving, we wish you all a Merry Christmas!
A snapshot of each Cha Family member:
Pastor James He has been the serving through Crescent Project to train the local churches to reach out to Mulims and to call and disciple missionaries for overseas missions through Perspectives mission classes throughout the nation. One of his weekly highlights has been going into the local jail and share Bible studies with the inmates.  He would say, the church inside the Prison is more alive than the church outside the walls of prison.  P. James is also finishing up his first book on the accounts of our missions to Central Asia.
Patora Faith She has been both blessed and challenged by International ESL ministry for three days a week in Leesburg, Virginia.  She loves reaching out to the International immigrants and refugees, especially with Muslim background refugees, with the love and the Gospel message of Christ.  A highlight of this year was praying for a Muslim woman who was searching for a Christian to pray and deliver her from demonic, tormenting spirits’ attack day and night. During a prayer session with Faith, this Muslim woman was set free and was able to sleep in peace… Faith is savoring every minute with her three children who have come home for Christmas!
Joniel: My year in review: Same God – Different circumstances – Different me. To think: what lengths God went to – to break me, humble me, love me, and draw me closer and deeper to Him. One of my worst years circumstantially, but hands down one of my best years with God – my God! God has taken me to the desert wilderness of relationships and job rejections: cementing my identity in Christ, surrounding me with godly brothers, and teaching me God’s heart and character. “They were glad when the Lord stilled the storm to a whisper, and He guided them to their desired heaven” (Psalm 107:30). “My ears had heard of You but now my eyes have seen You” (Job 42:5).
King Solomon and King Saul failed to love God when they were raised up without prolonged training in the desert. I am so blessed by being allowed to have this exact season in my life. “Am I building a tower for my own glory, or am I using my life as an altar for His?” “But I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God; I trust in God’s unfailing love forever and ever” (Psalm 52:8). After graduating from Johns Hopkins University and handing off SAIS Christian Fellowship, I have graciously received a job offer. I am excited and thankful for next steps and training ground in this season!
Josiah's updateI just completed his first semester at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida and have been thriving under the leadership and guidance of pastor David Larry Kim and with the community at Harvest Church. I wrestled with coming down to Orlando for seminary, as it seemed very worthwhile to apply for another cycle to medical schools or even to attend seminary in Washington DC, which made more sense financially and relationally. The calling from God, however, was incredibly clear and God has continually affirmed that this was God's perfect plan and far richer than anything I could have conceived. For every need that I had in Orlando, whether it was housing, seminary books, ministry opportunities, friendships, or traveling by toll roads, God has faithfully supplied and exceeded in meeting those needs. Every professor, seminary classmate, or reading has launched me deeper into the knowledge and love of Christ. I meet weekly with pastor DL in a personal mentorship arena. Starting in January, I will be installed as the youth director for Harvest's youth ministry and will deeply covet your consistent prayers.
KarisAfter graduating from Princeton in June, Karis is enjoying her year in Almaty, Kazakhstan teaching English at a university and doing ministry with local youth.