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Mentors guide a young adult to mature Chrisianity



멘토링 성공의 열쇠는 멘토라고 해도 과언이 아닙니다. 그래서 멘토 선정에 많은 시간을 필요로 합니다.

첫번째 멘토 선정의 기준은 신앙입니다. 단순히 대학생들과 새내기직장인들의 Career 멘토가아닌 Missional life를 살아가는 한 사람의 빛과 소금이 되도록 도와주는 데 있기에, 신앙의 기초 안에서 하나님의 비전을 확립하는 데 중점을 둡니다.

두번째는 Career입니다. 젊은 청년들에게 그 나이에 가장 고민하는 문제는 ‘내가 가는 이 길이 맞을까?’, ’나는 무엇을 하면서 살아야 하지?’입니다. 그래서 크리스천으로서 다양한 전문분야에서 일하면서 직접적인 Mentoring을 할 수 있는 분들이 우선 대상입니다. 그외에 성품이나 교회안에서 어떤봉사를 하였는지, 다음세대 특히 1.5세 또는 2세들을 잘 이해할 수 있는지 등도 고려합니다. 다음세대에 대한 열정과 멘토링에 대한 마음을 가진 성도님은 멘토로 섬길 수 있습니다.



Being a mentor is modeling and teaching other Christians the precepts of the Bible and Christian life-mainly prayer, doctrine, Christian living, and worship.

A mentorship is an especially personal way to impact a young adult’s life.


  • A mentor is a person who is mature in faith and consistent in godly conduct.
  • A mentor is willing to listen, share skills, and provide a positive perspective for life experiences.
  • A mentor provides wisdom and offers a spiritually sound, and safe friendship to a mentee.



“멘토가 되는 것은 실제적이고 기분 좋은 경험이었습니다. 누군가를 위해 중요한 시간을 내어주고 기꺼이 그의 이야기를 들어주는 것은 내 인생에 있어 유익한 경험이었습니다."



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Why becoming a mentor?

Why would and should a more experienced and mature Christian walk alongside new and less mature Christians? Because, we are called to be imitators of Christ.

You can be a Mentor! We as Christians have a debt to pay out of our gratitude for what Christ has done. We must consider reaching the lost as an opportunity to obey our call.

Research shows that mentors have much to gain from a mentoring relationship. The opportunity to share their expertise is an important motivator for mentors. Demonstrating the ability to identify and develop new talent can enhance a mentor's own career. Mentors are often motivated by a perceived need they note in a mentee, or they remember being mentored themselves and want to do the same for someone else. Many find being a mentor to be a rewarding activity that contributes to their faith and profession.



Skills for Mentors

A critical aspect of the mentoring relationship is building trust with the mentee. For the mentor's help to be of benefit, the mentee must be willing to be forthcoming about all of his or her needs. Mentees must feel safe in order to reveal their vulnerability, to open themselves up to new learning. 

Values are another important aspect of the mentoring relationship. One of the best ways mentors can assist mentoring partners is to help them identify and establish their personal values. Engaging in values exercises and discussions is an important way of establishing the mentor/mentee relationship and learning about each other.

What mentors bring: 

  • The ability and desire to work with young adults from diverse backgrounds
  • A positive attitude and good listening skills
  • The willingness to share your knowledge and experiences
  • Patience, understanding, and a sense of humor




"Mentoring has empowered me to help address the Opportunity Divide that exists in our communities, and my involvement has been the most rewarding volunteering experience that I’ve ever had.”

"As a mentor, you’ll have a unique opportunity to help young adults navigate new experiences and shape their careers. It’s your chance to inspire and be inspired."




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