Full of Healing, Transformed Hearts

The JG winter retreat was so much fun and I was able to connect with God.
God opened my heart to receive all his blessings and love. Pastor Sam and the other
pastors showed us the power of preaching the gospel and how it can change, touch
and heal broken hearts. During praise I felt nothing else really mattered and the only
important thing was connecting, knowing and getting closer to Him.
During the small group time we shared our thoughts including about God and
any doubts, thoughts, problems and prayers we had. We were able to share how
we felt about our lives and just really opened our hearts to God and share with each
other. This was so much fun but also very meaningful and I was able to share and
understand my friends were having similar problems in life which gave me courage
to share my thoughts with others. I also enjoyed group activities and enjoyed skits
delivering messages about God that showed how much He loved us and how Jesus
died for our sins. I already know about all this but this gave me a chance to remember
and thank Him once again.
More than anything I felt closer to God through seeing and experiencing true
healing during the retreat. I saw brothers coming together and crying and telling
each other “I love you”. This was truly heart opening to witness. And then to my
great surprise I saw my own brother come and say to me “Even if I don’t listen to
you sometimes and act mean towards you, I just want you to know that I still love
you”. This truly blessed my heart and made me feel closer to God. I believe there
is absolutely nothing God cannot do or fix. It was a wonderful retreat full of healing
and transformed hearts.
I am still little shy but in the past I did not want to go on retreats away from home
and away from my comfort zone. During each retreat God showed me different ways
to get to know Him and get closer to Him. This really changed me and now I look forward
to each retreat and cannot wait for the next one. I have been encouraging my
friends to go on retreats so they can also experience the closeness I felt with God.

Nathanael Yi (9th grade)

Gospel Project Parent Workshop

 On December 2, 2018, Joshua Generation and Allstars held a joint parent workshop to communicate and cast vision for how Gospel Project will be integrated into each youth ministry. Pastor John Hwang and Pastor Sam Lee took the time to share the heart behind the Gospel Project, and the hope of creating a culture of family discipleship within each home. As students will learn each week’s lesson in service and small group, parents will simultaneously be fed through their cell meeting and Sunday worship services, opening the opportunities for these conversations to continue within home walls. The youth pastoral team will send out suggested conversation topics and relevant questions to help spur on conversations, but the hope is to simply encourage an organic and fruitful sharing of faith between parents and children. The youth ministries are excited and on board with this church-wide vision, and for the chance to partner with the parents of their students to nurture and water their children’s faith.

청소년부 겨울 수양회 All Stars & Joshua Generation Winter Retreat



At the end of December, Allstars and Joshua Generation went to NorthBay Retreat Center in Maryland for a three-day and two-night retreat. The vision for this retreat was: Cultivating Generations of Gospel Disciples. The Lord truly blessed us in this vision. At the retreat, we not only had both our middle school and high school ministries, but also around 40 parents come and serve, and over 40 counselors in life stages ranging from college-age to working and young family. Additionally, there were eight pastors that joined us for this retreat: five from KCPC, two others that were raised in KCPC, and one from a New York youth ministry that joined us for this retreat.

It was truly a big retreat for the youth pastoral and staff team. Big in number, with over 450 staff and students registered––but also big in the sense of newness. It was new to see such an opportunity for greater unity between the generations. Parents were able to witness their children, the next generation, worshipping passionately. Students were able to see their parents joyfully serve. High schoolers were able to set an example for their younger brothers and sisters in Allstars in worship and devotion. Middle schoolers reminded the JG students of the sweetness of their first retreat memories. This retreat signified a connecting of the generations by creating, or deepening, pre-existing and long-lasting relationships that will continue on hopefully long after this retreat. We pray this momentum will carry into the new year and propel our church-wide vision of the Gospel Project.



다음세대를 위한 설문 조사


다음세대에서 신앙교육과 사역 현장에 대해 의견을 듣고자 학부모 교사 청소년 설문을 시작합니다 속해 있거나 교사 /봉사자 로 섬기는 부서 이메일로 설문 요청이 있게 됩니다 많은 관심과 참여를 부탁드립니다 .


설문조사 대상:  학생(청소년), 교사/봉사자 (어린이/청소년), 학부모 (어린이 청소년)

설문조사 기간:  11/18(주)-12/30(주)

중고등부 수양회 안내

청소년 겨울 수양회 등록 안내


All Stars(영어 중등부) & JG (영어 고등부) 12/27(목) - 12/29(토)

Agape (한어 중고등부) - 12/28(금)-30(주)



좋은이웃부-예닮 봉사자 (9/17)



좋은이웃부-예닮 봉사자

장애우를 섬기는 좋은 이웃부 예닮교실 (매달 둘째 토요일)에서 장년 봉사자와 TA(9-10학년)를 모집합니다.

시간: 9/17(주)까지 부스에서

문의: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.