JG News 1-28-15



Here are the upcoming events and updates:

1. ASP, Wednesday, 01/28/15 @ 2 PM to 6 PM @ Room 2119.
2. PGIFFriday, 01/30/15 @ The Well. It's MOVIE NIGHT and 10th grade girls' class will be preparing yummy dinner!! Bring your appetite and let's enjoy time of fellowship and hang out at the movies.
3. Class Directors' Meeting and Pastor Philip, Friday, 01/30/15 @ 8 PM @ The Resource Room in the Well.
4. SMP, Saturday, 01/31/15 @ 8 AM @ The Well.
5. JG Weekly Staff MeetingSaturday, 01/31/15 @ 10:00 AM - 12 Noon.     
6. Sunday Worship, 02/01/15 @ 12:00 Noon @ The WellWe HAVE Small groups.   
Prayer Requests:
2. Please pray for Katherine Huynh's father's health and the rest of her family. I know that Katherine has been trying for years to share the Gospel with her family so can we pray that God can provide an opportunity for Katherine to share the love of Jesus and the Gospel during this difficult situation? 
Please forward prayer requests to me so I can forward to Lee, Hyeyeon jipsanim. She and other parents are diligently praying for you and your students.