JG News 1-14-15



Here are the upcoming events and updates:

1. NO ASP, Wednesday, 01/14/15.
2. PGIFFriday, 01/16/15 (Prayer & Praise) @ The Well. 
3. SMP, Saturday, 01/17/15 @ 8 AM @ The Well.
4. Junior Ice Skate Outing, Saturday, 01/17/15 (only for junior class).
5. NO JG Weekly Staff MeetingSaturday, 01/17/15 since Pastor Philip is currently out of town.    
5. Sunday Worship, 01/18/15 @ 12:00 Noon @ The WellWe HAVE Small groups. Our former KCPC youth ministry graduate Sam Lee will be delivering the sermon in lieu of Pastor Philip.  
6. Monday, 01/19/15 NO SCHOOL (MLK HOLIDAY).
7. Please join me in welcoming Paul Lee. He will be subbing in for David Whang for the 9th grade boys' class. He is a culinary expert!! A true gastronomy artisan. 
Prayer Requests:
1. Pastor Philip is visiting his folks in Los Angeles, CA from Monday, 01/12 and returning on Saturday, 01/17. Please continue to pray for Pastor Philip's father's health. Let's pray that he is spiritually refreshed and charged up, ready to go upon return to Virginia.
2. Please pray for our JG teachers, who may be burned out due to the daily grind and pressures from work, home, and other personal reasons. LET'S PRAY for EACH OTHER!!
Please forward prayer requests to me so I can forward to Lee, Hyeyeon jipsanim. She and other parents are diligently praying for you and your students.
THANK YOU and have a great week!