JG News 1-8-15



Here are the upcoming events and updates:
1. ASP, Wednesday, 01/07/15 @ Room 2119.
2. PGIFFriday, 01/09/15 (DODGE BALL) @ MPR. Pizza and Dodge Ball Night!!!  Great combo for fellowship!  
3. SMP, Saturday, 01/10/15 @ 8 AM.
4. JG Weekly Staff MeetingSaturday, 01/10/15 @ 10:00 AM. Since Pastor Philip will be out of town from 01/12 to 01/17, he would like to meet with the staff for a brief meeting.    
5. KCPC Youth Ministry Teachers' Appreciation DinnerSaturday, 01/10/15 @ TBD @ KCPC. This is a joint event with Agape, Allstars, and JG staffs. Party Extravaganza!! The students, the PTA and KCPC Leadership sincerely want to express their gratitude and appreciation for your servants' hearts!! Please join us for an evening of fun fellowship and yummy dinner. DRESS CODE - SEMI FORMAL. Let's represent!!
6. Sunday Worship, 01/11/15 @ 12:00 Noon @ The WellWe DO HAVE Small groups. 
7. Junior Ice Skate Outing, Saturday, 01/17/15 @ TBD (only for junior class).
Prayer Requests:
1. As we start the new year 2015, let's pray that our students and staff have a renewed focus on God's heart and His Word. May the students' passion for God be maintained even after the retreat. May each student and staff continue to experience and acknowledge the hidden hand of God. 
2. Pray for our JG teachers - new jobs, new grad schools, and most importantly, for 하나님을 사랑하는 좋은 짝 (God loving suitable life partner). 
3. Pastor Philip will be visiting his folks in Los Angeles, CA from Monday, 01/12 and returning on Saturday, 01/17. Please continue to pray for Pastor Philip's father's health. 
Please forward prayer requests to me so I can forward to Lee, Hyeyeon jipsanim. She and other parents are diligently praying for you and your students.