Full of Healing, Transformed Hearts

The JG winter retreat was so much fun and I was able to connect with God.
God opened my heart to receive all his blessings and love. Pastor Sam and the other
pastors showed us the power of preaching the gospel and how it can change, touch
and heal broken hearts. During praise I felt nothing else really mattered and the only
important thing was connecting, knowing and getting closer to Him.
During the small group time we shared our thoughts including about God and
any doubts, thoughts, problems and prayers we had. We were able to share how
we felt about our lives and just really opened our hearts to God and share with each
other. This was so much fun but also very meaningful and I was able to share and
understand my friends were having similar problems in life which gave me courage
to share my thoughts with others. I also enjoyed group activities and enjoyed skits
delivering messages about God that showed how much He loved us and how Jesus
died for our sins. I already know about all this but this gave me a chance to remember
and thank Him once again.
More than anything I felt closer to God through seeing and experiencing true
healing during the retreat. I saw brothers coming together and crying and telling
each other “I love you”. This was truly heart opening to witness. And then to my
great surprise I saw my own brother come and say to me “Even if I don’t listen to
you sometimes and act mean towards you, I just want you to know that I still love
you”. This truly blessed my heart and made me feel closer to God. I believe there
is absolutely nothing God cannot do or fix. It was a wonderful retreat full of healing
and transformed hearts.
I am still little shy but in the past I did not want to go on retreats away from home
and away from my comfort zone. During each retreat God showed me different ways
to get to know Him and get closer to Him. This really changed me and now I look forward
to each retreat and cannot wait for the next one. I have been encouraging my
friends to go on retreats so they can also experience the closeness I felt with God.

Nathanael Yi (9th grade)