JG News 6-3-15


Here are the upcoming events and updates:
1. NO PGIFFriday, 06/05/15 because of S&L Retreat.
2. NO SMP, Saturday, 06/06/15 because of S&L Retreat. 
3. NO JG Weekly Staff Meeting, Saturday, 06/06/15 because of S&L Retreat. 
4. Sunday Worship, Sunday, 06/07/1512:00 Noon @ The Well. NO SMALL GROUPS.   
5. Coffee House STM Fundraiser, Saturday, 06/13/15 @ 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM @ Blessing Cafe, $10 cover charge. Please come out and support S&L STM team to Thailand and JG STM team to Peru. Enjoy live music, snacks and beverages, and great fellowship all for a great cause! 
6. LAST DAY OF SMALL GROUP, Sunday, 06/21/15.
7. Senior BanquetFriday, 06/26 @ 7:30 PM @ The Blessing Cafe
8. JG Summer RetreatSunday, 06/28 - 07/01 @ Potomac Retreat and Conference Center, 11 Tabernacle Way, Falling Waters, WV 25419. Early Bird Registration has started. It will continue until 06/21/15. Please encourage your students to participate. Early bird (05/17 to 06/14 - $135) (After 06/14 - $160). Executive Pastor of EM of Sarang Church in Los Angeles, CA, Jeff Hyun will be the guest speaker. 
9. PROMOTION DAY SERVICE, Sunday, 07/05/15. Current seniors will go up to S&L and current 8th graders will be having their first JG Sunday worship service.  

Prayer Requests:

1. Please continue to pray for Justin Lee's recovery. Please let the #JustinStrong wrist bands serve as a reminder to pray!!!  I wanted to share a prayer request and update from Justin's mom, Jisue hereinbelow:
Since move to HSC Pediatric center, Justin and I have been busy meeting staff and Justin being assessed by therapists. This is a sub-acute rehab center while Kennedy Krieger is an acute rehab center. Justin will be getting physical and occupational therapy 3x/week only an hour each time. He was getting a minimum 3 hrs every day in addition to other therapies at Kennedy Krieger. 

Today, Justin got his wheelchair and was able to sit up after 2 days of lying on the bed. 

As I said from the beginning, Justin's diagnosis is one of the worst cases and we assume his improvement will be very, very slow compared to other brain injured patients. As a mother who watches him 24 hours, I notice things more accurately than Drs. and therapists. Justin seem to understand when I talk to him. The only way to tell is by his facial expression. He doesn't yet respond to commands. Drs. think he may have lock in syndrome. He may want to but may not be able to. He does let us know when he is uncomfortable or when he is upset. I thank God for this. Justin's vision is not back yet. He is paralyzed from the neck down right now . 

Justin can stay at HSC only for few weeks then I really have to decide between long term care and home care. I am hoping Justin's condition will improve so he can stay at the rehab center longer and gain some functionalities so when he eventually comes home, that we can manage him. 

I assume Justin misses his friends. As much as I want Justin's friends to visit Justin, I am worried his friends will be shocked and upset after seeing Justin. Justin's friends who can handle Justin's condition are welcome to visit but if his condition will upset him/her or replace their good memories of Justin, please do not visit. 

Please continue to pray that Justin will regain his vision and speech and he will be able to respond soon. From the beginning, I knew that God has to help Justin. Please pray for a miracle healing in Justin's life. I believe in miracles. It seems only thing I need to do is trust God and pray and wait in faith. My faith goes through mountains and valleys. I believe God will work through our prayers so please do not stop praying for Justin. Jesus healed the paralytic after he "saw their faith" (Mark 2:5). My faith may not be enough but with your prayers added together, Jesus will see our faith and answer our prayers. I pray that God will be glorified through our prayers and Justin's healing. 

To all who have been praying, Thank you very,very much. 

2. Please pray for JG STM team to Peru and S&L STM team to Thailand. Pastor Philip and the team need your prayer and financial support.
3. Please pray that God will provide faithful and committed small groups for next year!  We are now recruiting teachers for the next fiscal year (starting 10/01/15). 
4. For those going to the S&L Retreat, we pray that you will have a wonderful time meeting God face-to-face and enjoying genuine Christian fellowship!!
Please forward prayer requests to me so I can forward to Lee, Hyeyeon jipsanim. She and other parents are diligently praying for you and your students.
THANK YOU and have a great week!


Peter W. Rim