13 Jul 2021

Space to share, pray, and receive wisdom/Yerin Cho


space to share jeja may 2021


I participated in one-to-one discipleship from September to December 2020. I decided to sign-up when a friend, who is much busier than me, nonchalantly told me she signed up because the program is virtual and Gexible. Even though the program was indeed virtual and Gexible, it was admittedly difficult to commit to the program. However, my need for the program was quickly realized and my gratitude for my partner only grew during the program’s 15 weeks.
For our weekly meet-ups, which lasted about 1.5 hours, we would both come prepared with memorized bible verses, interpreted bible passages, written devo- tions and sermon notes, and completed study books. For someone who enjoys structure, the set-up was productive and valuable. As my partner and I shared our thoughts and convictions throughout our sessions, I benefited greatly from my partner’s evident love for God and her desire to help me see God as more powerful and loving than I was presently seeing.
I walked away from each session with a clearer vision of how great God is. Whether it was through expanding on an imagery, or digging into the context of a passage, my understanding of the Bible was deepened. But above all else, each session was personally meaningful and refreshing as it was a dedicated, intimate, and intentional time of discussion just about God.
It’s hard to imagine that I would have participated in the program if it was not for the pandemic. But because of the current situation, God helped me realize that now was a great opportunity to participate in formal training. One-to-one discipleship is and is not many things, but due to its regular cadence and intimacy, it has challenged me to be diligent in my daily devotions and provided a necessary space to share, pray, and receive wisdom. At a time where spiritual accountability and community was difficult to obtain, having a partner and structure that helped me seek God in the everyday greatly impacted my spiritual health.
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