2019 청소년 수련회 등록 안내

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아가페 (한어중고등부)

일시: 6/14(금)-6/16(주)
장소: Capital Retreat Center, PA
등록: http://bit.ly/AgapeSummerRetreat2019

        조기: $115, 5/12(주)까지
        일반: $125, 5/26(주)까지




All Stars (영어중등부)

일시: 6/14(금)-6/16(주)
장소: Meadowkirk Delta Farm, VA
등록: https://kcpc.breezechms.com/form/AS2019Summer

        조기: $130, 5/26(주)까지
        일반: $150, 6/2(주)까지



Joshua Generation (영어고등부)

일시: 6/27(목)-6/30(주)
장소: Eastern Mennonite University

        조기: $125, 6/2(주)까지
        일반: $155, 6/17(주)까지



































등록: https://kcpc.breezechms.com/form/AS2019Summer

        조기: $130, 5/26(주)까지
        일반: $150, 6/2(주)까지




Youth Encounter Conference

youth encounter conference 03222019 slide
장년을 위한 선교부흥회가 진행되는 3월 22일(금)-24일(주)에 다목적실에서는 청소년을 위한 Youth Encounter Conference 가 열렸다. Pastor Byung Ham 이 The goal of Gospel, God is Lame, God's will power 등의 주제로 말씀을 전해 청소년들에게 도전을 주었다.
집회에 참석한 청소년들이 받은 은혜를 다음과 같이  함께 나누었다.
Pastor B's messages on shame, guilt, and weakness hit especially close to home. Although it can be difficult to approach these topics and "boast in our weaknesses" within the church, I hope the Encounter Conference will serve as a starting point for All Stars to have more open discussions. Personally, as I reflected upon Pastor B's points, I was reminded of God's righteousness and unending love. He shows me grace when I least deserve it; a kindness that leads me to repentance.
 - Hoyoung Lee – All Stars Staff
The youth conference was a break from the usual sermons and revolved heavily on the Korean American narrative and the scripture. Pastor B's preaching gave a peek into the type of narratives the students need to hear and will best respond. The theme of being a failure and a failed Christian resonated deeply as well as desiring blessings from people who are not God. God has plans for our failures & He gives us the only blessing we need.
- Won Cho – All Stars Staff
My name is Jennifer Hong and I am a Junior in Joshua Generation. Last weekend, I experienced God's word in such a powerful way at the Encounter Conference. Through Pastor Byung's raw words, I was able to identify the underlying sin in my heart that had become so normal in my everyday life. And the unveiling of my sin brought so much shame and guilt. Yet, something he said still rings in my ears, "The world tells us failure is not an option, but in our spiritual life, failure is the only option and the only open door to salvation.” God’s love is unconditional. 
Even though I had received the gospel, I was still trying to contribute SOMETHING to my salvation so that I could feel worthy. I was finally able to let go of my pride and accept the beauty of the gospel which is that there is nothing I can do to make God love me any more or less. 
Just as Jacob recognized his failure and sins, and came to know God as the greatest blessing he could have, and gained a limp, I came to a recognition of my weakness. 
But despite this weakness, I will continue to fight to live out these truths I gained last weekend as I walk with a limp and am blessed by God.
- Jennifer Hong - Joshua Generation Student, Junior
 encounter conference 1encounter conference 2Encounter conference was truly a blessing for me. Through this conference, God really spoke into my heart and reminded me of his omnipotence and his everlasting love for me. Going into the conference, I had no specific expectations for it. It just felt like a regular service but with more decorations. However, God is surely unpredictable and He always holds a clear purpose in everything that we do. Through this conference, I genuinely got to encounter God and it also served as an opportunity for me to reflect and remind myself of what it truly means to be a follower of Christ. One of the big reminders that I received during this conference was to “worship the blesser, not the blessing”. It may be very obvious, yet, as Christians, we have the tendency to focus on the blessings that we receive at that very moment rather than God, the blesser, who is always watching over us and providing for us despite our shortcomings. God works in numerous ways, and as humans, we can’t imagine. I am very thankful that I had this opportunity to serve and also grateful that this conference helped me to encounter God in moments where I least expected it.
- Beewon Cho - Agape Staff
As a staff member at the Encounter Conference, I had a very good change in perspective. I liked how Pastor B was very transparent from the beginning, about his background, and who he is as a person. I thought it was good for the students to have an example of a Christ-centered testimony of how Christ showed himself to someone outside of the church. A lot of these students are so engrained to that NOVA culture, and only see to the extent of the NOVA bubble, and having someone from a different area of life, and a different upbringing, come and share his testimony and preach the Gospel was a way to break out of that and see how big God is. It was so good.
- Daniel Kim - Joshua Generation Staff
 Encounter conference was truly a blessing to see all of KCPC youth and adult ministries from Allstars, JG, Agape, 2E, and main KCPC KM working with each other to put this first time event together. With the massive amount of preparation and many moving collective parts needed it was great to see everyone working together in unison with so many ministries. Having all ranges of volunteers who helped make the event possible from the Pastors, Elders, 2E staff/praise band, small group teachers, and even students was amazing to witness showing that no matter how big our church is we are still able to work as one body for Christ.
- Joe Oh - Joshua Generation Staff
The Youth Conference was really rejuvenating in terms of my spiritual and mental health because of the sermon I heard on Saturday regarding social acceptance. The pastor spoke about how our worldly connections and our desperation to fit into the social norms really damage who we are as Christians. In relaying this message, he spoke about his experiences in the African American community; more specifically, the idea of being raised in a Korean household in a African American community. He felt as though he were a member of his African American group of friends, isolated from his Korean culture and heritage. Yet, every holiday when his family would unite, his uncle would remind him that he is Korean. Through this way, he would feel more and more culturally divided and less accepted by the Korean community. The same way, we are always trying to fit in to the “right” crowd, the crowd that gives us the most popularity, rep, and status. We are inclined to seek attention and we crave the acceptance that people around us can give. But instead, we should be focused on God and his kingdom. God is an almighty father who does not discriminate nor segregate. He is true to the faith
of Christianity and lends us his power and strength as we go through our lives. He embraces our differences and accepts us with open arms in a way that no human can. God is our culture, our heritage, and our bloodline. He is family and the way we gain our greatest form of acceptance.
- MiJin Cho - Agape Student
encounter conference 3encounter conference 4experience at the Encounter Conference was splendid. I learned that God loves us even though we may sin against him a lot. During the Encounter Conference, my heart became warm because I saw all my brothers and sisters in Christ praising and listening to God’s word. My time serving in the Encounter Conference showed me what’s it like to be close with my brothers and sisters and see how they love, want, and praise God. It opened my heart and saw that if I am ever spiritually low, I can go to a brother or sister in times of need.
- Joseph Yun - Joshua Generation Student, Junior
The Youth Conference would be remembered as one of my turning points in my spiritual journey. The sermons that pastor Ham shared with us truly worked its power in my heart. One reason his messages were so influential was because he was straight forward. He was not afraid to open up his problems in his life, and I realized so many problems that he encountered in his life appeared in mine as well. Having lived in many
countries like Korea, South Africa, and America, I also faced challenged where I had to change myself to fit into a certain communities. As a result, I could never really define my identity. One thing that Pastor Ham clarified that night was that my true identity is found in Christ. Even though I wrestle to fit into a new surrounding, my true purpose of existence appears when I admit that I am a sinner and Jesus died for me. Although I cannot remember every word, he shared with us in the sermons, I can still feel the Holy Spirit working in my heart ever since. Especially when my heart plans to commit sin, I can feel the Holy Spirit fighting me to stop what I am doing. And this guiltiness that arouses in my heart is the living testimony of the Holy Spirit. As I wrap up this testimony, I wanted to share that by God’s grace I have been trying to improve my spiritual life: reading the bible, doing less sin, and loving others etc. I give all praise and glory to God who allowed me to have thus experience. Although I probably will not meet Pastor Ham again, the sermons he shared that night will live with me forever.
- James Kim - Agape Student
This past weekend I went to the Encounter Conference at my church, KCPC. For this conference, they kept emphasizing to bring friends, so I figured I should bring one too. I was pretty scared though because I knew that this conference was kind of going to be a “serious vibe”, and I didn’t want to make my friends feel uncomfortable and out of place. Regardless, I still invited them anyways because I remember talking to someone,
and they asked me if I would rather make my relationship a little awkward or have them die in hell forever knowing you could’ve tried to share the gospel with them. While I was hesitant, this popped up into my head and I felt guilty, so I chose to ask three different people. Two of them said no, and one said “uhhh I don’t know, I’ll think about it”. 
To be honest, I was pretty discouraged, but I haven’t been praying, so I thought maybe I should pray about this. Every day for a week I tried to pray, on my knees, for one minute, and as I prayed, I realized that I had to change my mindset. I was constantly praying that they would not feel awkward and uncomfortable, but what I should have been praying for was that they would be able to come and encounter God. 
Later, it turned out that two of my friends could come. One of them was Christian and the other was not at all. So, the Christian friend came over to my house on Friday right after school and she told me that the other friend had texted her the other day and said, “I really don’t want to go, but Caroline really wants me too. It’s going to be so weird, I’m gonna feel so out of place”. Thankfully, my other friend was able to convince her to come, but after hearing this I was even more nervous because I didn’t want to be someone who was forcing someone else to do something that they didn’t want to. 
Well, we all went and I showed them around the church and to my friends. I was really thankful because everyone was really goofy and chill, so my friends didn’t feel too awkward. The conference itself, they told me they enjoyed it a lot, which was like “phew”. Especially when the non-Christian, Indian one said that. 
Something that really encouraged me was when she texted met that night and said “Thank you for inviting me. I really enjoyed it. I’m so glad I went.” This moved me a lot knowing that she enjoyed the conference, even though it was “serious”. We also talked about how funny the pastor was and laughed so hard together. But she also told me how she really liked the sermon which made my heart so happy. 
After the conference, I realized that I need to keep sharing the gospel with them and keep them accountable. One big thing I think I have been struggling with is to live out the gospel to them. I need to show them, especially the non-Christian one what it means to be Christian and why it is so important. So, I have just been praying that I would be able to show her what the gospel is really about and how it has changed my life, so hopefully she can one day give her life to Christ too.
- Caroline Lee - Joshua Generation Student, Sophomore

Youth Encounter Conference(3/22-24/2019)
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Ready and willing to humbly serve-JG & All Stars Winter Retreat

 (Peter W. Rim) 
Currently, I serve the Joshua Generation (“JG”) ministry as a small group leader; however, I also am a dad of a 10th grader in JG and a 7th grader in All stars (“AS”) ministries. Conveniently, both JG and AS held their winter retreats together at North Bay, MD from December 27 through 29, 2018. Since this was my 7th grader’s first retreat experience ever, I decided to take this opportunity to serve at the joint winter retreat. My dilemma was whether to serve as a small group counselor or as a parent volunteer, who would be relegated to kitchen duties.
Having participated in both summer and winter retreats in years past (in both capacities as counselor and kitchen help), I knew volunteering as a parent was not going to be easy, especially cleaning up the kitchen and dining facility after 300 plus students and staff over 5 meals in a 3 days span. Surprisingly, we had a record number of parents (over 20), who volunteered to assist for similar reasons, which I had – which was to make sure our own kids had a wonderful retreat experience.
What started out as an opportunity for me to make sure that my own 10th and 7th grader kids were having a great winter retreat experience, turned into a fantastic spiritual experience for me in variety of ways: (1) As parents, we got to bond with one another and share our own struggles, challenges, and joys of raising middle and high school teenagers; (2) We demonstrated to the younger generation of counselors, youth ministry staff (mostly in their mid-20s) and our teenage children that servanthood never ends and that servanthood comes in variety of opportunities as we advance in age. We just needed to remain humble and simply serve when the chances come without pre-conditions; and (3) We served joyfully because each parent had a clear purpose and mission – TO ENSURE THAT OUR KIDS MET GOD DURING THIS WINTER RETREAT AND THAT THEIR LIVES WOULD BE TRANSFORMED.
I realized that when I remain humble before God and have an open and willing heart, God will always provide me with an opportunity to joyfully serve others in some capacity or another, even if it meant waking up at 5:30 AM to prepare the kitchen, stirring the egg yoke to make scrambled eggs for 300 plus students and staff, and running around the dining area to provide refills for depleted drinks and food, cleaning the tables, plates, bowls and utensils.
Life is full of hardships and challenges, but when we remain humble and ready to serve with a clear purpose and mission, then God transforms us to view even these hardships and challenges into joyous opportunities to work together for His ultimate glory.

모두가 하나의 말씀으로 - 교육부 가스펠 프로젝트


book Gospel ProjectKCPC 교육 부서는 2019년 새해를 맞아 말씀으로 하나 돼 글로컬로 나아갈 비전을 품고 신나는 말씀 여행을 떠날 준비에 분주하다. 그 여행은 바로 가스펠 프로젝트(The Gospel Project)이다.

교육부 예배와 장년 순모임에서는 "가정 신앙 교육"에 목표를 두고 Lifeway 출판사에서 출간한 가스펠 프로젝트를 2019년 첫째 주부터 실행할 예정이다. 그러면 이제 주일에 자녀들이 배운 성경을 가정과 순모임에서 함께 나눌 수 있게 된다. 같은 성경 본문을 여러 모임에서 일주일간 나눔으로 믿음이 성장하고, 하나님의 원하시는 믿음의 공동체가 돼 신앙의 유산을 물려주길 기대할 수 있다.

가스펠 프로젝트의 이해를 돕고 효과적으로 진행하기 위한 학부모 워크숍이 부서마다 준비된다. 워크숍은 프라미스랜드 교육 부서에서 학부모가 자녀와 함께 예배드린 후 진행되며, 스케줄은 다음과 같다. 워크숍을 진행하는 언어는 괄호로 표시했으며, 청소년부는 예배 없이 워크숍만 진행한다. (시간과 장소는 추후 공지)

• 11월 25일: 4~6학년 (영어), 영아부 (한국어)
• 12월 2일: 2~3학년 (영어), All Stars & JG (영어)
• 12월 9일: K-1 (한국어)
• 12월 16일: Preschool (한국어), 아가페 (한국어)

지역 교회와 믿음, 친목 나누기 - JG 터키볼


지난 11월 17일 토요일, KCPC JG는 레이크 브래덕 고등학교에서 열린 터키볼 토너먼트 행사에 참여했다. 터키볼은 해마다 추수 감사절 기간에 지역 교회와 청소년들이 모여 플래그 풋볼로 친목을 나누고 주님 안에서 하나 된 사랑을 나누는 행사이다.

올해는 DMV 지역의 ODPC, CCPC, Bethany, Bethel, 10:12 Sports 교회와 Urban Promise Delaware가 참여했다. 그중 10:12 Sports와 CCPC는 각각 남자와 여자 토너먼트에 처음으로 출전해 터키볼 경기를 즐겼다.

이날 행사를 위해 KCPC 학부모회에서는 이른 아침부터 텐트를 치고 선수들을 위한 따뜻한 음식을 준비했다. 또, 참가 선수들을 격려하기 위해 함께한 선수의 친구, 가족 그리고 JG 스태프들의 응원 열기가 때 이른 추위를 녹이기에 충분했다.

선수들은 경기 결과를 통해 표면적인 실패와 승리를 경험해야 했다. 그러나 결과와 관계없이 선수들은 경기 자체를 즐겼고, 응원단은 선수들을 위해 박수를 보내고 찬양을 하며 마음을 하나로 모아 하나님께 은혜를 돌리는 수고를 아끼지 않았다.


201812 JG터키볼 2

작은 선교사를 꿈꿔요 - 아가페, 시니어센터 방문


201812 아가페2아가페 프레젠팀은 11월 18일 주일에 페어옥스에 있는 Sunrise Senior Living을 방문했다. 감사 절기를 맞아 예수님께 받은 사랑을 다른 분들과 함께 나눠 그 기쁨을 두 배로 하기 위함이다. 이날을 위해 프레젠팀이 계획하고 준비한 모든 프로그램은 하나님의 은혜로 잘 마칠 수 있었다.

프레젠팀은 먼저 추수감사절과 크리스마스에 어울리는 오케스트라 곡들과 솔로곡들을 통해 시니어들께 인사를 드렸다. 이에 시니어들은 박수와 환호로 우리를 맞았고, 몇몇 시니어는 찬양을 같이 부르기도 했다. 감미로운 선율과 음악을 통해 전달된 하나님의 사랑으로 우리 팀과 시니어들이 하나 됨을 느꼈다. 그 후에는 여러 엑티비티와 교제를 하며 서로를 더 잘 알아갔다. 비록 짧은 시간이었지만, 예수님의 본을 따라 시니어들을 섬기려 최선을 다한 귀한 시간이었다.

마지막으로 모든 시니어에게 직접 만든 추수 감사 편지를 드리며 읽어 드렸다. 그때 많은 시니어가 눈물을 흘리며 꼭 다시 와달라고 부탁했다. Joanne 할머니는 최근 3년 동안 오늘이 가장 행복한 날이라고 했다. 부족하지만 작은 사랑을 전할 기회를 주신 주님께 감사드린다. KCPC 모든 성도가 예수님께 받은 사랑을 전하는 작은 선교사가 되길 소망한다.


201812 아가페3

새롭게 태어나 하나님의 기쁨 되길 - YOUTH 세례

201812 JG 세례식 2

11월 11일, All Stars 학생 13명(입교 3명, 세례 10명)과 JG 학생 26명(입교 18명, 세례 8명)이 세례를 받아 하나님의 자녀로 다시 태어나는 기쁨을 느꼈다. 이번 세례식부터는 12살 이상으로 연령 제한이 조정돼 All Stars 학생들이 처음으로 세례식에 참여했다.

All Stars와 JG 학생들은 세례식을 위해 각각 6주와 4주간의 세례 교육을 담당 목사로부터 받았다. All Stars의 한 학생은 “세례 교육을 받기 전에는 내 신앙이 확고한지 하나님의 제자가 될 자격이 있는지 알지 못했지만, 점차 하나님께서는 나를 제자의 자리로 초대해 주셨다는 걸 깨달았다. 하나님께 바치는 삶은 온전한 믿음과 헌신을 요구하며 단호한 결의가 필요하다는 걸 알았다”라고 간증했다.

참석자들은 예수 그리스도를 구세주로 믿는 것을 입으로 고백한 모든 세례자들을 진심으로 축하했고, 하늘은 회개한 39명의 영혼으로 더 기뻐했다.


My relationship with Jesus grows deeper

It was such a blessing to see All Stars and Joshua Generation
worship together at our joint winter retreat! The theme of
“Cultivate” challenged me to grow deeper in my relationship with
Jesus and to live out my faith. Worshipping with our older brothers
and sisters of Joshua Generation was really encouraging and
convicting. Not to mention it helped me grow closer and learn
more about my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. The small
groups encouraged discussion and sharing time which better
helped us apply the sermon into our lives. I was also blessed
by our parents who worked so hard as they served us food and
cleaned after us. I loved the time we prayed for our parents and
to be prayed for by them. I pray that I’ll continue to cultivate my
faith and to enjoy my relationship with Christ continuously.

Hannah Shin (8th grade)

Gospel Project Parent Workshop

 On December 2, 2018, Joshua Generation and Allstars held a joint parent workshop to communicate and cast vision for how Gospel Project will be integrated into each youth ministry. Pastor John Hwang and Pastor Sam Lee took the time to share the heart behind the Gospel Project, and the hope of creating a culture of family discipleship within each home. As students will learn each week’s lesson in service and small group, parents will simultaneously be fed through their cell meeting and Sunday worship services, opening the opportunities for these conversations to continue within home walls. The youth pastoral team will send out suggested conversation topics and relevant questions to help spur on conversations, but the hope is to simply encourage an organic and fruitful sharing of faith between parents and children. The youth ministries are excited and on board with this church-wide vision, and for the chance to partner with the parents of their students to nurture and water their children’s faith.

다음세대를 위한 설문 조사


다음세대에서 신앙교육과 사역 현장에 대해 의견을 듣고자 학부모 교사 청소년 설문을 시작합니다 속해 있거나 교사 /봉사자 로 섬기는 부서 이메일로 설문 요청이 있게 됩니다 많은 관심과 참여를 부탁드립니다 .


설문조사 대상:  학생(청소년), 교사/봉사자 (어린이/청소년), 학부모 (어린이 청소년)

설문조사 기간:  11/18(주)-12/30(주)